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New Movies?

2011-09-13 20:02:00 by FakeMistake

Hey its been awhile.

I haven't been working on flash for sometime now, and I probably won't get anything done for at least another month or so.

And that is why I decide to make this post, so at least there's a heads up to those that might be wondering.

That being said I'm going to share some info on the flash movie I intend to make, which is something I usually don't ever plan on doing.

"Prelude End" is the title I'm most likely planning on giving my next video, the song that will be feature on it will remain a secret until it is out. But instead I'll post a preview pic on the bottom that should give some insight into what's in store.

Lastly "World End" is the movie that will follow up afterward, something I hopefully can submit before new years. This movie will gently touch upon my prior movies in an attempt to wrap them up, and explain some loose ends (but knowing how I animate, I might end up making them deeper).

The song I'm planning to use for the movie can be listen here

But that's not guarantee.

That being said, I'm actually always available for collaboration when it comes to music. So feel free to ask me if I'm willing to make an animation for your music.

New Movies?


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